About Lemon

Welcome to Lemon, ambitious and fearless production house providing a wide range of production services. For over 20 years, we have been producing creatively driven content for local and global advertising agencies, brands and clients.


Our production expertise covers film production, photo sessions and content development, all carefully tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our clients, yet over the years we also gained experience and extensive knowledge in producing corporate, education and documentary video content.

Lemon is based in Warsaw, a vibrant Polish city where history and culture meet new, creative ideas. However, our services may be performed here in Poland or anywhere in the world.


We are very proud of our long-lasting relationships with our clients, and even more of the fact that they are always becoming our friends in the end. 


Drop us a line with your inspiring story you want to share with the world!

Why Lemon


We listen to our clients’ stories and turn their ideas and goals into a picture, therefore our productions are filled with real emotions that reflect the unique character of the brand and build a strong bond with its audience.


We do not only manage production, but also provide assistance regarding scriptwriting and storyboards, as well as creative approach to the production process.


The content we produce is primarily to be an effective sales tool. Therefore, we strive to make it not only engaging and visually attractive, but also effective, both in terms of communication and cost of production.


Over 20 years of experience in the film industry and cooperation with a team of creative producers and talented directors guarantees top-class production.


COMMERCIALS don’t die, only the screen size changes. 

When we started the adventure with advertising films production 20 years ago, ad blocks on TV were not yet unnecessary and intrusive form of contact with the customers. Today, we often hear that in the current approach to advertising everything has changed: available media, the way they are consumed, as well as the style of talking about the brand itself.

However, one thing remains constant. The content we produce is primarily to be an effective sales tool. Therefore, it must be not only engaging and visually attractive, but also effective, both in terms of communication and cost of production.

That’s why we’re convinced that despite all the changes, quality content will always matter.



Regardless the format, either it’s video or PHOTO, we believe that any picture conveys a lot more than words. That’s why, along with film production, we have been managing the professional photo sessions for years as well. However, we focus not only on the product the audience will see in the picture, but also on how they will see it.

It’s not easy to accomplish, but we will assist you at every stage of the photo shoot production process – starting with recommendation of the right photographers, through casting, negotiations with celebrities, budgeting, to production itself and delivery of the materials.

Content Development

Spicing the stories up with real emotions is what we call CONTENT DEVELOPMENT. That’s how the real magic happens that attracts the audience’s attention, especially in times of information overload and fast consumption of content.

We listen to the client’s needs and we learn about the product & its marketing context, preparing the tailor-made brief. We create the engaging content based on inspiring storytelling and unconventional ideas, making sure that each production is consistent with the brand image.

Production Service

As an experienced production house we are happy to offer our PRODUCTION SERVICES to international advertisement projects, in tv commercials, digital videos, branded content and photoshoots. Due to price competitive advantage and our global network built on long-term partnerships, we guarantee great value and professional local support to make things run smoothly.

We can handle everything from location scouting and casting to postproduction. Let us present you our breathtaking locations, from seaside, lakes, mountains, forests and even dunes, to modern cities and picturesque towns. Whatever your filming requirements, we will provide everything you need.


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