When feasting, make it royal

Mouthwatering, inspiring, full of flavours and scents – these delicious food commercials will make you want to jump into the kitchen and start cooking or stop by the nearest grocery store. Either you’re a real food lover, enjoying every bite or you just eat to survive, these productions have only one goal – make you hungry.


We picked few of our food productions, from jam and pasta to household appliances, to show you how we do it, so we hope you’re starving.



Herbapol – showing how pleasure grows with their new strawberry jam


Malma – presenting their product in Italy, the homeland of pasta


Kenwood – with #YouKENCook campaign teaching that to get to know the world, you have to experience its taste


Tarczynski – promoting their kabanos sausages, which the queen of England herself cannot resist


Electrolux – with its series „Life in full swing” showing how to combine your passion with healthy cooking


Sonko – full of energy and smiles commercials presenting fit & fun products to make your life lighter