Up in the mountains

Either you’re skiing, hiking or just looking for a place to clear your mind, mountains are always a good idea. Especially in winter with picturesque views with slopes all covered in snow, they make some great film locations. And we’re lucky enough to offer you not one, but many mountain ranges, with different landscapes and cultural sites.



  • Tatra mountains with Morskie Oko lake, which according to the Wall Street Journal, is one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world with its green waters and the amazing nature that surrounds it, and with its flora, fauna and climate resembling Alps, which makes it unique in this part of the continent


  • Swietokrzyskie mountains, the oldest mountains in Poland, with Swietokrzyski National Park and famous goloborza – stunning rocky hillsides hidden between the range’s forests


  • Pieniny, the smallest mountain range in Poland, with the magnificent rafting possibilities offered by the Dunajec River gorge that cuts through them and picturesque pine trees which grow on steep, remote slopes


  • Bieszczady mountains, sometimes called the wildest region in the country, as they have plenty of unique wooded landscapes that are remote and quiet, with amazing beech forests, which include plenty of pedestrian paths and the large, artificial Lake Solina


  • Stolowe (Table) mountains, formed of sandstone and, as the only one in Poland, presents plated structure with sheer mountain ledges, which may bring to mind man-made objects