Believe it or not – it’s Poland!

Mountains, sea, big cities and small villages – we have it all, but so other countries. Fortunately, there is much more Poland has to offer! Check out just a few of the unbelievable locations that will totally surprise you and make you want to plan your next production right here.


Slowinski National Park Sand Dunes – one of the biggest moving sand dunes regions in Europe that can move for up to 10 metres per year devouring all the trees and plants on its way;


Masurian Lakeland – located in northeast Poland, rightly called The Land of Thousand Lakes, with about 2600 lakes that cover almost 30% of Masurian Lake District;


Bialowieza National Park – located in northeast Poland, famous for its virgin forest – UNESCO-protected and one of the last and biggest forests on our continent which has not been influenced by humans, with numerous species of plants and animals, of which the most exciting is European bison – the heaviest land animal in Europe;


The Hel Peninsula – where sandy scythe, due to its shape, departs from the mainland and digs deep into the Baltic Sea, separating the waters – disturbed Baltic Sea from the Gulf of Gdansk and the peaceful Puck Bay;


Wieliczka Salt Mine – on UNESCO World Heritage List, with 9 levels, the deepest of which is 327 meters below the surface of the Earth and numerous breathtaking underground chambers and chapels;


The Crooked Forest – located in Nowe Czarnowo near Szczecin city, with unique trees growing in an odd C-shape and many conspiracy theories behind the story of why they grow this way, including some kind of tool that must have been used, work of aliens and a result of some kind of a natural disaster such as a snowstorm.