Fancy a little walk around Warsaw?

Discover Warsaw – the capital of Poland, where history and culture meet new, creative ideas!



A city of architectural contrasts…


And the contrasts are what make Warsaw unique; from the medieval old town that was destroyed during the Second World War and later rebuilt to the mid-nineties cement buildings and the stalinistic Palace of Culture surrounded by modern-day skycrapers that now dominate the skyline.


Warsaw’s cityscape is mostly contemporary – modern glass buildings are towering above older historical edifices, which represents examples of nearly every European architectural style and historical period.


Although contemporary Warsaw is a fairly young city compared to other European capitals, it has numerous tourist attractions and architectural monuments dating back centuries.



…Where past and future coexist


Following the world’s real estate trend of transforming historical buildings into mixed-use schemes, few significant postindustrial sites in Warsaw gained its second life.


Powisle Power Plant, Praga Koneser Center (with Polish Vodka Museum) or Koszyki Market Hall combine the history with modernity, building the city’s new landscape. These vast areas were revamped and now houses bars & restaurants, hotels, apartments, office and commercial spaces.


Due to amazing locations, architectural structure and powerful history, these thriving destinations deliver a multi-functional space the whole city benefits from.